Condition Evaluation

FilterIT offers free evaluations of all your lubrication systems.  We do on-site diagnostics of fluid condition, including source of contamination assessment.  During your evaluation, we will make recommendations of the most cost efficient and effective method of cleaning your system needs. 

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"Thanks again so much for working with us to get this job done quickly. I was a believer in your system before, but now I've seen the proof!"    Ryan Z.

The premier source for the last twenty five years in:
  • Oil purification
  • Oil filtration
  • Reconditioning of lubrication systems

  • Purified oil exceeds new oil standards
  • Purification process does not disturb the oil additive package
  • Increases the life on equipment lubricated and new/used oil
  • Service units are explosion proof and exceed all safety standards
  • Minimizes the use of maintenance budgets
  • Purified oil is often a small percentage of new oil costs

FilterIT provides on-site purification services for lubricated systems, while in service or during a shutdown. When service is complete, we provide a detailed list of steps to prevent future contamination of your lubricants. 

The following standards are guaranteed to be met after the lubricant is serviced:
- Zero VOC emissions of gas
- Below 100 ppm (parts per million) of water in oil. This standard exceeds the amount allowed in new oil.
- Particulate is filtered to 3 micron absolute. Our standards exceed all new oil filtration standards.

Our units use the flow schematics like that in the below diagram.