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Oil Purification Experts banner for siteFilter IT is a team dedicated to providing thorough oil purification services like high velocity oil flushing, dehydration, varnish mitigation and more to maximize the life of your oil and equipment. As a division of Lard Oil Company, Filter IT has a group of certified lubrication engineers that can provide on site oil analysis, offer recommendation, and assist with jumpstarting new systems to ensure quality and cleanliness. Additionally, Filter IT has one of the most extensive rental fleets in the region, ranging from vacuum dehydrator systems to multi-stage filter units.

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Why Choose Filter IT?

Cost Savings

Filter IT’s oil decontamination process can treat your lubricants and oil system while your equipment continues to run. This capability can potentially reduce costly downtime while also serving as a critical preventive maintenance tool that extends the life of your equipment and reduces the total cost of ownership.


Filter IT follows the highest industry safety standards and our team maintains an impeccable safety track record. Many of our service units are NEMA 7 approved and exceed minimum safety requirements. You can learn more about our commitment to safety here.

ISO Cleanliness Standards

Filter IT guarantees a quality, filter-finished lubricant product that adheres to your company’s specific ISO cleanliness goals and standards.

How Filter IT Can Serve You

Emergency Response

If mass contamination occurs in an oil filtration system, it can cause serious damage or even shut down industrial equipment and lead to lengthy and costly downtime. Filter IT responds to emergency situations fast, often with the ability to purify oil systems while equipment continues to operate.

General Maintenance

Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities prioritize reliability and maintenance programs that center on extending equipment life and preventing shutdowns due to unexpected failures. Filter IT is an excellent addition to these general maintenance plans, with services dedicated to proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

New Equipment Commissioning

Before commissioning new industrial equipment, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil system cleanliness. Filter IT can assist your team in successfully launching new equipment.

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