Oil Filtration Equipment Options

For more than 25 years, Filter IT has led the way in perfecting the oil purification process. Our equipment is top-of-the-line, with the power to purify lubricants 2x’s faster than competing technologies, and the ability to process up to 200 gallons per minute.

Vacuum Dehydrators

Oil Filtration Equipment in Mississippi

Vacuum dehydrators remove water, light hydrocarbons, and other oil contaminants through selective distillation. Our units are equipped with large filter housings capable of holding 3-micron filter elements, meaning your oil is guaranteed to be cleaned to your specific ISO standards.

Our equipment can adapt to any size project, any machinery, and all feature pre- and post-filter elements for fine filtration. Our typical flow rates range from 1-50 gallons per minute and can be used on a wide range of lubricating oils.


Portable Filtration Units

Filter IT’s portable oil filtration machines are compact and can be used on equipment that’s difficult to access. These units remove large and small particles from lubricants and can filter contaminants as small as 3-microns.

Our portable filtration unit options include:

30 GPM Triple-Pass Filtration Skid

This unit is mounted on wheels, making it easy to maneuver to your equipment. It features an in-line particle counter to actively monitor ISO cleanliness levels, three filter housings for optimum filtration, and three easy to use sample ports.

10 GPM Filter Cart

This dolly-style portable filter cart features two spin-on filter cartridges, making for easy changeout.

8 GPM High Viscosity Filter Cart

This compact, dolly-style unit can filter oils with ISO viscosity grades up to 680 at 110°F. The dual filter housings and high viscosity sample ports make it easy to test the product.

Gas Vacuum Dehydrators

These specialized dehydrators can remove water and light hydrocarbons from lube oils, including methane and propane.

Varnish Removal Unit

This compact unit is specially designed to remove harmful, soluble varnish from your machinery’s lubricant. In addition to this unit, we can consult with you on varnish removal technology that can be installed permanently on your system.

Equipment Rental

For customers that require long-term or more continual reliability services, Filter IT offers equipment rentals. Unlike some competitors, our equipment rental service is comprehensive and includes:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Preventive Maintenance

This ensures your team is gaining the maximum benefits of our specialized equipment to extend the life of your industrial machinery. We also offer customized rental contracts to meet your company’s specific needs when it comes to project timelines and additional services.

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