Oil Purification System Services

Oil Purification Services LouisianaFilter IT is dedicated to providing a unique body of turnkey oil purification services that ensure quality, uninterrupted operation, and continued durability of rotating equipment.

What Can Filter It Do?

Vacuum Dehydration

Using powerful dehydrators, Filter IT extracts water, gas, and other contaminants from lubricants often times while your equipment is still operating. Following the oil purification, our team will create a personalized plan to help you prevent future contamination in your equipment.

Oil System Displacement Flush

We handle every detail of oil system displacement flush including adding a system cleaner, removing existing oil, supplying and removing an intermediate flush oil if necessary, and filtering the final lubricant product to your required ISO cleanliness standards.

Reservoir Cleaning

During oil system displacement flushes, our team hand cleans reservoirs after the existing oil is removed. This cleaning removes contaminants from your system, ensuring your machinery and reservoirs are maintained at manufacturer recommendations. This includes confined space entry should it be deemed necessary.

Varnish Mitigation

When oil begins to degrade or is contaminated, varnish can form inside your machinery and hydraulic oil systems. This varnish can cause costly damage and lead to significant downtime if it’s not treated. During our varnish mitigation process, the damaging varnish is removed and treated at the root. Varnish mitigation can consist of use of special varnish cleaners, varnish specific filtration, or a combination of both.

Oil Analysis

The Filter IT team performs oil analysis on your equipment’s lubricant to examine its overall effectiveness, contamination level, and the amount of machine wear debris present. This service is critical to examining the total health of your equipment and catching potential issues early, reducing the total cost of ownership.

We even offer on-site testing, including:

  • On-site water testing using field water test kits
  • ISO cleanliness codes using a laser-based particle counter
  • Viscosity checks using a cannon simple viscometer at all major distribution facilities

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