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What Can Filter It Do?

Oil Filtration & Decontamination

We utilize our top-tier multi-stage filtration systems to remove debris, dirt, wear metals, and other contaminants from all types of fluids. 

Vacuum Dehydration

Vacuum dehydration is the process of removing water and/or gases from lubricating oil or other fluids. Water specifically, is considered one of the biggest enemies of rotating equipment which can cause many issues and eventually even lead to machine failure. Our dehydration process is designed to remove these contaminants as safely and efficiently as possible. Our cutting-edge filtration technology allows us to achieve water concentration levels below 50PPM.

Online Kidney-Loop Filtration

Any and all of the turnkey oil filtration services we offer can be performed while your machine is still up and running. Our process can safely decontaminate your machine’s oil system without any downtime on your production.

High Velocity Oil Flushing

Lube oil flushing is a vital part of extending the life of assets such as steam & gas turbines, compressors, and hydraulic units. Our HVOF process is designed to rapidly remove harmful debris from your assets entire lubricating system. In order to execute a successful oil flush, extra time must be applied to planning and designing the most effective flow-path for each individual application. Your flushing company should understand the system thoroughly and know what sensitive components to by-pass and what areas to focus on. FilterIT understands that each application is different and focuses on understanding the root cause of the issue and develops a flushing strategy based on that information.

Varnish Mitigation & Enhanced Fluid Life Testing

“Varnish” or oil degradation deposits can cause serious issues in an oil system. Varnish can form from a variety of different ways and most, if not all oil systems are susceptible to its formation. FilterIT offers a turnkey service which involves analyzing the oil to determine if there are varnish precursors present. This testing alone can sometimes take a 3rd-party lab up to 3 weeks to provide results, but we can provide these results on-site the day of. After analyzing the oil, we respond with a solution based on severity. This may involve specialty filtration or charging the system with a solubility enhanced fluid that removes varnish deposits and protects the system from any further contamination.

Oil Reservoir Cleaning

One of the simplest ways to maintain a clean oil system is ensuring you have a clean oil reservoir. That is where your oil is going to spend most of its time anyway. Our MLT certified technicians specialize in tank cleaning and handle each job with care and thoroughness. Our process involves utilization of custom wet vacs, scrapers, mops, squeegees etc. to remove all residual fluid and contaminants from the interior of the tank. We then perform a final polish using special lint-free rags to complete the mechanical cleaning process. Extra time is also spent inspecting the internal components of the console to look for things such as worn gaskets, clogged/dirty suction strainers, paint coatings, etc.

Onsite Oil Analysis

FilterIT utilizes state of the art testing equipment to provide turnkey onsite oil analysis. An MLT/MLA certified technician will collect the data to help diagnose the real-time health of the customer’s machine. We utilize this data to strategically develop the most cost-effective gameplan that ensures asset reliability.

We even offer on-site testing, including:

  • On-site water testing using field water test kits
  • ISO cleanliness codes using a laser-based particle counter
  • Viscosity checks using a cannon simple viscometer at all major distribution facilities

Routine Preventative Maintenance Services

We not only take pride in maintaining our own equipment, but our customers’ equipment as well. Whether it’s a chemical plant, paper mill, or refinery we know that it’s a lot of work that goes into keeping your facility running. The endless list of assets you are responsible for maintaining is enough to have to worry about. Adding another asset to this list, such as a vacuum dehydrator, can be a tall task. But just like your turbines and compressors, this equipment needs the same sort of preventative maintenance treatment. Our FilterIT team are the experts when it comes to portable filtration equipment. Let us be the ones to manage your filtration equipment assets. Our equipment maintenance service includes periodic inspections & diagnostics, routine monthly and quarterly PM’s, repairs on major mechanical failures, and complete equipment refurbishments.

Diesel Polishing & Treatment

Diesel fuel is purchased and placed in generators, emergency management equipment, and bulk storage tanks, sitting stagnant for extended amounts of time until it’s called upon to be used. When the need arises, the assumption is the fuel will do what it’s supposed to do and the equipment it’s powering will run without a hitch. It can be a big surprise when there’s an emergency and this stored fuel fails to do what it’s supposed to do at the most critical moments. When fuel sits stagnant in a tank without being use for weeks to months at a time it’s very easy for it to become contaminated. Most contaminates found will be water, inorganic debris (dust, dirt, sand, rust), and organic debris (microbial growth, fuel breakdown, etc.). These contaminates can cause many issues such as filter plugging, fuel instability, corrosion, clogged injectors, and the list goes on. Allow FilterIT to take the worry of dirty fuel tanks of your hands with our turnkey fuel polishing services. Our team will perform fuel analysis to determine the best decontamination method is used for your application. These services include periodic fuel testing to analyze data trends, removal of water, organic, and inorganic solids, fuel treatment, and tank sludge removal. Our fuel services ensure that your equipment will be reliable at the times when it’s needed most.

Increased Solubility Flushing & Fluid Enhancement

Over time an oil system can begin to form deposits which can plate out onto all types of surfaces. These deposits can be a result of the oil degrading over time, exposure to high temperatures, or even various chemicals which have entered through a leaking process seal. Once these deposits form, they have the potential to cause a variety of mechanical issues and sometimes even lead to total machine failure. Many companies will offer an aggressive chemical flush which usually involves acids and other toxic incompatible chemicals in an effort to decontaminate the system. Not only are there a lot of risks involved when using these types of aggressive chemicals, but the process can take weeks or more because the chemicals can be difficult to completely remove. We like to take a different approach when it comes to flushing these contaminants from an oil system. Our solution-enhanced flushing process utilizes products that are 100% compatible with most lubricating oils and seals and designed to breakdown and remove deposits, varnish, carbon, sludge, and a variety of other contaminants. Our flushing fluids are formulated out of an oil base stock and completely safe to use. Our products can safely be added to a system that is online to reduce varnish potential of oils and replenish depleted antioxidants. This can all be done without affecting the operation of the machine.

Oil Reclamation & Reconditioning

Our philosophy is to provide customers with solutions which are cost saving and environmentally conscious. FilterIT can transform that “waste oil” destined for costly disposal into a certified clean, re-usable lubricating oil.

Oil Replacement & Filter-Fill to desired ISO Cleanliness Specifications

We understand the importance of meeting OEM requirements. Let us handle filling your machine’s lubricating system with oil that is guaranteed to be filtered to meet the required NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 cleanliness level.

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